Embassy Suites Hotel Nashville - Airport
10 Century Blvd
Nashville, TN 37214-3644

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Stayed in this hotel on a business trip April 29 to May 1. I woke up with red bite marks, 2-3 first night 20 or more second night.
What a mess to clean up and disinfect my,house, car self.

We stayed in this hotel sept. 18-21. On Thursday while sitting on the bed I saw a bug run across he top of the bed. I caught it and mashed it. I then laid it on the dresser. I looked on this site see if there had been any reports on this hotel. My husband called the front desk and they sent someone up to look at it. The two Ken said it was a fly. I new it wasn't a fly because I had seen pictures of bed bugs before. The hotel moved us to another room so they could spray the room. During the mov

e we forget our phone charger so on Thursday we called the front dest to see if they would get the charger out of the other room and the front dest told me there was another guest in that room. So that tells me they did not treat the room before putting someone else in there.

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I'm looking hotels in Nashville and other areas I travel that actually cares about not having me take home a notoriously difficult problem to fix - aka bedbugs.

Until then it would be helpful to me and others if persons could at least put a psuedoname and the room #. First, legally they're supposed to shut rooms with bedbugs for quite a number of months, and secondly, we could avoid adjacent and vertical rooms which are also likely to be infested.

I stayed at Embassy Suites Hotel Nashville- Airport on Monday, August 29 because I had a business meeting in the city on Tuesday, August 30. I went to the doctor today ( Wednesday, September 7) because I had these spots that resembled mosquito bites appear on me yesterday. The doctor asked if I had stayed in a hotel in the last week or so and I told him yes. He said the bites looked like bed bugs and that is what he is treating me for. After my doctor's appointment, I called the hotel and asked

to speak to the manager. I told the manager the same story I told you and he seemed very nervouse. He started stuttering and said he had to call their pest control service and he assured me he would call me back and took my number. That was seven hours ago. I haven't stayed in another hotel since February so I know I had to get them from the Embassy Suites.

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