Drury Inn and Suites Nashville Airport
555 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214-3738

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I was on the fourth floor on November 9, 2014. Was sitting on the bed doing work on my laptop for about 15 minutes when I noticed a very small bug crawl across the pillow next to me. I started investigating around the bed to see if I could find more. When I looked up on the wall above the headboard I saw a larger one. Google images revealed that this was definitely a bedbug. I immediately vacated and reported the incident to the front desk. They offered me another room and a free night. I didn't

feel comfortable staying. They were willing to cancel my reservation, totally hassle-free.

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We stayed here one night, Thursday Aug 2nd. When we checked in, I went up an did a very detailed inspection throughout the room, along walls, head boards, bedsides and between mattresses. We were on the 3rd floor, and my wife noticed a bug in a towel on the counter in the bath area when she walked in. I killed the bug and thought I had just squashed a beetle and dismissed it.
Friday morning my wife and I both had bites on our legs. We were super cautious with our bags, only brought in a days

worth of clothing and sealed the bag in a giant ziplock after checking out. So far, we have not seen anything in our home or car, but both of us have itchy leg bites. We didn't save the bug we killed so I can't say for sure what it was that I killed. We have not contacted the hotel about the incident.

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we checked in on thursday aug 2. things appeared to be great. the next morning, my daughter complained of some bites. she did have some redness on her temple, but i dismissed it. (she had slept on the sleeper sofa.) after breakfast, i removed the ironing board from the closet, where the spare bedding is stored. i noticed a bug. i killed it and took it to the front desk. the gal at the counter was super and refunded us for our night and moved us. the second night, i slept on the sleeper

and she was in the bed. i was bit on the back and she had more bites on her feet. i quietly and politely informed the manager. he told me that they had searched our first room and found nothing. he rudely dismissed me. i didn't want a free room. i just wanted him to be aware. he clearly had no intention of researching the matter further.

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