Doubletree Hotel Nashville
315 4th Ave N
Nashville, TN

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On 9/21/15 I checked in to the Doubletree Downtown Nashville. The first night was bug free. Tuesday night, I was awaken with something biting me on my left elbow. I got up, noticed whelps and put Neosporin on them. Wednesday night (9/23), I took my pajamas out of my suitcase and put them on. Minutes later I felt something crawling on my shoulder. I took off my top and found a bug, took a picture of it and smashed it in a tissue. It was full of blood ( I still have this). Thursday morning as I wa

s checking out, I showed this to a lady at the counter and I was told they did not know what it was. I was not concerned at that point. It was not until I arrived home that I discovered that it was indeed a bedbug. At that point I notified the hotel.Yep!! It looks just like the one at the top of the page.

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