Country Inn and Suites Nashville East
3423 Percy Priest Dr
Nashville, TN 37214-3909
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My family and i stayed here January 2012. I was ignorant of the whole bedbug issue until this point. I've always been careful about suitcase placement and clothes because of gerns. We had double queen beds and i had to lie down with my little one to get her to go to sleep in hers. Then went back to our bed. We left the next day and I didn't notice the bites on me. The reaction came the following day. She had some little bumps on her legs but it didn't register with me right away that it could be

bed bug bites. Not until i had a reaction on my side, the side i was lying on in her bed, the next day at home. It was a classic line of red bites, super itchy. My daughter had more bites and linear as well, but she didn't seem to have as severe a reaction as i did. My husband didn't have any at all so our bed was apparently clear.
I was totally disgusted when i researched and realized what they were. I emailed the hotel and only got back a generic "thanks for your email, we will contact you soon". That was the last i heard from them.

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This happened 8/21/11 in room 230-- My family checked in and we did a thorough check of the beds, but not of the couch, where my brother was to be sleeping. My parents and grandmother had gone to bed, and my brother and I were up late, as younger adults tend to do. It was about 1 or 2 in the morning and he was laying on the couch-bed playing a game and suddenly said to me (I was at the desk), "Hey, there's a bug on the couch." I just graduated college with a minor in Entomology, so it isn't unus

ual for my family to call me over to look at bugs, but as soon as he said it, I knew. I turned the light on and saw the skittering little bugger creeping along the couch's arm, probably drawn to my brother's body heat. I killed it (I still have the specimen! I'm an Entomologist, after all), woke up my family, and we immediately moved to a new room (that was not infested, fortunately) because it was so late and we'd been traveling all day. We only saw one bug in the room and we haven't had any problems since, but I doubt they did much about it. They didn't give us a refund. My parents are still in want of writing a letter of complaint about the incident.

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Our family of four stayed 1 night in room 316 on August 21, 2010, at Country Inn & Suites By Carlson Nashville Airport East. We were very tired from traveling all day, so we slept very soundly. In the morning all four of us started itching and scratching. We had little pink bites all over our arms, legs, and necks. My daughter and I looked at each other and said in unison "BEDBUGS!" This was my first experience with them. I was so disgusted! I felt so bad for picking this hotel for my family. Th

en I started panicking that I would bring some bugs back home with me. We left in a hurry! No one seemed to be in charge at the front desk. I asked how to report a problem and was told I would receive an email from the hotel. I never did. I reported the problem to Country Inns Corporate Customer Service online. They have promised me a Free Night Certificate. Heaven only knows if any exterminating was done!

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