Clarion Hotel Nashville Downtown - Stadium
211 N 1st Street
Nashville, TN 37213

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Stayed at this hotel for 3 nights and slept one night in my bed and woke up with bites on my arms and back. Totally disgusted. I have traveled a lot internationally and can't believe that in my own back yard is where I get bed bug bites!

We checked in at 3:30 am. I always check the beds, but we were exhausted and it totally slipped my mind. When we woke up there were blood stains all over the bed that my children were sleeping in. I immediately checked the mattress and they were everywhere!!! We showed management and they apologized and comped our room, but all of our belongings have been exposed. Praying we don't bring a few hitchhiker a home.

stayed here end of April 2015. By Mid May I discovered I had them on my mattress at home and they were biting! Makes perfect sense on the timing, just a fresh light infestation but having trouble getting rid of them......

I am quite confident that they hitch hiked back with me to MA.

January 22 2015
One bed bug was crawling on my wife's stomach...I grabbed it and it fell to the floor. I lifted up the matress and this dark spot started moving fast. Someone was up quickly....few words...gave us another was satisfactory.
They said there would be no charge for the room....but they did charge for the room.

I was there the week of 11/16/14. I was moved to another room but it was too late. I had over 30 bites all over me.
I did catch couple of them and gave them to the front desk.

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