Sleep Inn Memphis
5119 American Way
Memphis, TN 38115

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in one room Lon enough to see lots of specks and blood stains on the mattress.

Asked to move to another room.

Same thing.

The room smelled and had stains on the wall all around the bed area. We don't mess w/ bed bugs so we left even though it was 3 am.

My husband and I stayed at this hotel a few miles from Beale St. on our trip to Memphis. I chose this location bc I had heard that the area downtown is seedy at night (which turned out to be true) and didn't want to stay too close. The management was very nice and the bathroom was clean but I would never stay here again. The hallways and room had an odd odor (I think it may have been a smoking hotel that has turned non smoking). I could have overlooked that if it weren't for the bed bugs. L

uckily I had trouble sleeping the night we stayed there and noticed a bug crawling across the top of my blanket. I was able to grab it and bring it to the bathroom light to identify it. Ugh! It was already puffy with blood meaning it had been sucking on one of us. If it wasn't 1 a.m. when I found it, and we didn't have 12 hours to drive the next day, I would have woken up my husband and checked out right away. But as grossed out as I was, I didn't think it was the smartest thing to do, so I broung our stuff to the car to prevent any from getting in our bags and didn't get any sleep. When my husband woke up I checked the rest of the bed and found another bed bug. We took hot showers and got out of there as soon as we could. I don't think I've ever been more skeeved out in my life.

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