LA Quinta Inn
2979 Mill Branch Rd
Memphis, TN 38116-1927

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Stayed 5-30-13

Checked in around 4:30pm. Room looked fairly clean, bed felt comfortable. Left luggage and went to go eat. Came back, showered and laid down for bed and watched tv for a couple hours. Went to adjust pillows to go to sleep and found a bug under pillow. Cought it in a water bottle, and after examine, it was actually a small beetle. No big deal, quickly checked the mattress a little and, fluffed pillows, and now a little worried went to bed with a light on. Woke up around 1 am, fl

uffed pillow and found a real bed bug... I freaked out, jumped up and also cough it into the same bottle, stripped the bed and flipped the mattress, saw many bugs scattering. I was disgusted, took a shower packed my stuff which luckily I kept zipped and on the table. And went and showed the desk clerk. Desk clerk was also disgusted and said they would report it. I went on to the airport 5 hours early to change my flight and just get home. Still have 4 hours to go. Never again will I use Priceline or this hotel... This is definitely not even a 2.5 star hotel as advertised.

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Stayed there on 10/06/2012. Had left a hotel that we saw a bed bug in and went here. Throughly checked the room and found no sign of bed bugs and had not bites at all. Room and hotel was very clean.

April 18, 2012

Found bed bugs in a third floor room. The hotel had put a plastic shower curtain on the bed to keep the bug from getting through. Dead bed bugs all over the mattress.

We have stayed here twice and no bed bugs I check the mattresses in hotels now. I am very skin sensitive and if they had them I would be red all over.

We stayed in room 120 on August 5 2010

Stayed one night, and have seen not one bed bug and have had no bites. Clean and friendly.

Stayed there twice about a year apart. The first time, I woke up the next morning with bug bites all over my ankles. I chalked it up to mosquitos as I had been down by the river earlier that day. The next time I stayed there, same thing happened except it was around my ankles and waist. That's when I realized it was bed bugs. My daughter had them all over her legs from her knees down. Never saw any actual bugs, but just the bites. Haven't stayed there since and won't.

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