Crowne Plaza Hotel Memphis Downtown
300 N 2nd St
Memphis, TN 38105-2614

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Stayed here 8/20/2015 on the 6th floor. I am a flightcrew member. Always check for bedbugs, but fell asleep on top of bed. Woke up in the morning itching like crazy and bites on my forearm.
I notified the front desk staff. He apologized and said he would make note of it.....

July 2015 - Beware!! This place has bed bugs!! I was eaten up and said something to the housekeeping lady and she said that people were complaining about the soap making them itch. Not the soap, bed bug bites were making me itch! I mean, itch badly! Our trip was aweful because I was scratching like crazy for days. This, being my first encounter with bed bugs, I didn't know the cause of my bites. After research, I figured it out and am washing all my clothes before I take them in my house when I

get home. Awful, just awful!!

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this place is infested. found bed bugs in 4 rooms, 9th floor and 7th. hotel staff doesn't care and won't do anything to help you. do not stay here

Flight Crewmember...I usually do a thorough bed bug check in each hotel room. Found one on the floor as soon as I walked in the bathroom. Rm 904. Took in a cup downstairs, front desk employee was apologetic and just as grossed out as I was. Got a new room on a different floor, no sign of them in here...

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