Best Western Executive Inn
3105 Millbranch Rd
Memphis, TN 38116-1917

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Checked in Saturday July 27th, 2014.
Woke up with some itchiness on Sunday July 28th. Went to graceland and half way through the visit had to stop and go outside. Once outside i noticed red bumps on both arms and they were very itchy.

Went to the local Pharmacy and asked the pharmacist if i could take something (antihistamine) or cream to stop the itching. He suggested they were bed bug bites.

Went back to the hotel after stopping in at the local Walmart to buy new luggage and clothes to

finish my trip.

Asked to speak to the manager privately about what had happened. He suggested they were mosquito bites.

Staff came to the room as i stuffed my clothes into an airtight zip lock bag for transport home. I left my running shoes ad suitcase in the room as i wasn't taking them with me.

Cleaning staff found something and then the owners denied everything and never returned emails about my experience.

Something tells me the management of this hotel isn't going to take responsibility for anything.

I have photos of my arms as well

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