LA Quinta Inn
2428 Winfield Dunn Pky
Kodak, TN 37764-2100

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Arrived September 22, 2015 in the afternoon. Upon arrival we saw a pest control vehicle in front parking lot then after we received room keys were told to pull around back to unload our luggage. While going around the building we saw staff throwing headboards into the dumpster and furnishings strewn along near the back door entrance and a disgusting sight it was including mirrors and back wall panels. We did not take our luggage in as we decided at that point to check the room out for any pos

sible critters. The place smelt strongly of chemicals it was overpowering. Upon our arrival to the fourth floor we went into the room and stripped back the bedding. Signs of bed bug feces could be seen and the stains on the pillow were rather unnerving. We immediately checked out and explained our departure. We were met with the excuse that oh thats why we have ecolab here to keep from getting bedbugs. We told them how we found what looked to be a bed bug on the mattress cover that we pulled back. I do not recommend this Inn by any means unless you wish to bring home an expense with your local exterminator.

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Found bed bugs all over room 316. Took a picture. I work in an inner city ER and am adept at identifying bed bugs. Was definitely bed bugs. Reported it to the guy at the front desk at midnight. We switched to 416 which did not appear to have any bugs upon inspection. Spoke to Trish at the front desk that morning to make her aware. We were not asking for a free stay. They were nice to us and I didn't want to demand that. I did check this site when a friend suggested it. I at first mistook this ho

tel for a days inn one listed on the recent findings. I did find a report from sept 2012 in which te woman had bites so bad she had to be treated in a local ER with steroids. When I called Trish back after discovering this, she told me the maintenance guy looked and said I was not bed bugs. It absolutely was bed bugs and I am glad I took a photo of it. Anyone who has ever seen a bed bug or had Any education on identifying them could not possibly say that room was not absolutely infested with them. So they are either lying and covering it up or grossly neglegently ill informed.

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My spouse and I were heading back to MA after visiting relatives in MS. We checked into room 221 on September 3, 2012 @ La Quinta and I awoke the following morning covered in bedbug bites. Upon calling the manager and examining the mattress we found a bedbug infestation under the bed skirt on the box springs of the bed.I had an allergic reaction to the bites on my face, arms, back and legs that I had to go to the ER in VI and WV for steroid injections to decrease the extensive swelling that deve

loped as a result. My husband had maybe 10 bites and only complained of itching.I was assured by the manager that this was an isolated incident, however, we will never stay there again.

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