Super 8
6200 Papermill Dr
Knoxville, TN 37919-4029

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i posted previously about room #219 here. Well just an update, i told manager about bugs ans she informed me it was my job to check for them per the sign in agree went i first arrived. She let me change to room #109, so i went in and began to check the beds as she had told me it was my responsibility to check for the bugs. She came in shortly behind me after i had already found several bed bug skins within the bed. She screamed at me to get out because i was tearing the room up? I asked if she w

as planning on refunding me for the days i would not be staying and she then proceeded to go to my old room where my belongings where still in and lock me out. I immediately called Knox police and had them come tell her to open the door and let me move my stuff out. I also called health dept on both rooms.

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Needed an extended stay due to home repairs. Was put in room #219. This is the end of our 2nd week here and not a night has passed that i have not woken up being eaten alive. Ive been checking the beds and stuff but hadnt found one until today. Asked the desk attendant about moving rooms and she said we couldnt but she would have maintenance spray for bugs. Im would NOT stay here, you cannot sleep for being bitten constantly.

The last time I stayed at this Super 8 was the summer of 2007 when my son was married. We entered our first room and wanted to lie on the bed to relax after driving five hours. When I pulled back the bed covers, several bugs scurried away from the light. I immediately contacted the front desk and demanded another room. When the desk clerk started to tell me his motel wasn't infested, I told him I would report him to the Knox County Health Department, Super 8 corporate, and every online booking a

gency I could think of. We got the room - but when I visit Knoxville now I stay at the Ramada across Kingston Pike from West Town Mall. It's more expensive but MUCH nicer and NO bed bugs in six years!

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We stayed there from April 7-14 and we noticed several red bug bites on April 9th. We didn't assume bed bugs until we saw one the last night (April 13th) and reported it. The manager refused to acknowledge the health risk, accused us of "bringing" the bug in and refused us any compensation despite the fact that we didn't sleep there that last night.

Can't remember the room number but it was at the top of the steps on the second floor leading from the pool. We stayed there July 30-31, 2009. I never saw a bedbug but 7 days after our stay I started noticing little itchy bumps in lines of 2 or 3 and my doctor says it is most likely bedbugs. I have several different locations on my body where this happened, I even have them on the palms of my hands and knuckles. I just hope I didn't bring a pregnant female home with me!

I stayed in room #153 from 06-09-09 until 6-11-09. On the morning of 06-10-09 we spotted a bug that at the time we thought was a tick. We killed it on the side of the mattress and blood came out of it. I did not know what kind of bug it was so I did not report it. It wasn't until the evening of the June 11th that I noticed the bites on my arms, legs, and back. It's now been over a week since I stayed at the Super 8 and my bites are still red and itch. I've been using creams and such to help but

they just aren't going away. I plan on informing the Super 8 of there bed bug infestation.

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