Crowne Plaza Knoxville
401 W Summit Hill Dr
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Woke up the next day with small bites, very itchy in a linear array on more than one area of my body!!! I am a physician and am very familiar with bed bug bites.

On 11-27-12 we checked in at the Crowne Plaza we thought it looked really nice and really clean but we woke up and i had little red spots on my waist line and we started researching and it was a bed bug bite. I really thought this was a clean place and i didn't need to check the mattress so this has really freaked me out

I have not stayed in a hotel in over a year because I rarely travel overnight. This hotel was very clean so I was not paranoid about pests. However, now I have bug bits on my back and legs that are very itchy. After researching this particular pest, I am convinced that I was bitten by bed bugs. I plan to let the hotel staff know my concerns.

I checked in the Crowne Plaza on April 4th,2011. My first nights stay, My skin itched and thought it may be the detergent in the sheets.On the next night,April 5th, the power went off and did not come back on until 9:30 A:M.Upon getting out of bed I noticed blood on the sheets and my legs and torso was covered with red insects bites that itced.I took pictures of the sheets and told the staff at the desk about the problem.The manager moved me to the next floor and the next night April 6th)in that

room I found a bedbug, killed it and put it on a piece of paper and took it to the front desk.They assured me they would take care of the situation and that I would receive free accomidations for one of their other hotels because of what I had experienced.By checkout time, I had whelts on my legs and torso and all my clothing was going to have to be special laundered.I approched the manager on duty and she informed me that there were no bedbugs in their hotel, that I must have brought them in and she was not going to do anything further.I had the pictures, the actual bedbug.I went home with bites all over me.I was sent a survey (e-mail) and complained only to get another e-mail saying I needed to fill out another survey to complain.I've waisted enough time complaining about something they obviously will do nothing about!

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I spent the nights of August 13-16 at this hotel. On the night of the 13th, I woke up at 3AM, with itching on both arms, and recognized the typical welts, in a nice row, left by bedbugs [I had a previous episode in a luxury hotel in Frankfurt, Germany, about 30 years ago]. I found two bugs on the pillowcase, caught and squeezed them, blood oozed out and I put them on a piece of toilet paper, to show the manager. At 5AM I requested a room change and was put into room 502. There I took a shower, w

ashed my hair and soaked my nightgown in the bathtub. The next day a person from the office downstairs came and apologized for the inconvenience.
The night of the 14th, I was bitten again, and managed to squash one bug on a pillowcase, which I showed the next morning to the housekeeper. The night of the 15th I slept with the light on and only had one new bite on my forearm. On the night of the 16th, I was awakened again at 2AM by itching on my right thy and arms. I had a number of new welts, but could not find the bugs. I again left the light on and tried to sleep.
This hotel definitely has a problem that needs to be taken care of, and I have since learned that bedbugs are a problem in many hotels in the USA, and hope that you can do something to convince the management to take appropriate steps.

Sleepless in Knoxville.

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