Fairfield Inn Gatlinburg Nort
168 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN

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What kind of "official" documentation do you obtain to confirm that these accusations are accurate? Basically, from what I can tell, anyone can make a report of supposed bed bugs whether it's true or not. Obviously, you haven't had much interaction with travelers in the hospitality business. Having accommodations near the Smoky Mountains and basically in the woods leaves some destinations open to certain insects such as lady bugs, Beatles, etc (that are actually released by the National Park

Service in preserving our trees and other species ) many times these insects are assumed by a guest to be bed bugs when in actuality they are insects that are here to protect our National Park.

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The wife and children checked in on 4/1/2014 and found a bed bug in their room, was then moved to a suite where they found more bed bugs. After inspection the hotel staff confirmed it was bed bugs.

Sent them to another place that was not a Mariott chain which had the bed bugs as well, they took off driving 5.5 hrs back home becasue of the expereience,

I called the hotel to just geta sorry and that was it, no manager on duty, nothing but a sorry !

I travel atleast 4 nights a week and n

ow Mariott chains is not in my decisions anymore and I will go back to Hiltons as atleast they will listen to complaints.

Very poor excuse for Marriot chains and their response.

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