Bearskin Lodge on the River
840 River Rd
Gatlinburg, TN

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Stayed for a weekend trip in August- like others said it is a very nice looking place to stay at the end of town. But after a 2 night stay- I went home covered in bites. Had to go to the DR twice to receive treatment not to mention discarding all of our clothes and luggage that we took on the trip. Evidently I am allergic to the bites, but better me getting eaten up opposed to my 4 month old that was traveling with us.

Checked into the Bearskin Lodge on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. I was in town for a conference and that was one of the conference hotels. Checked in around 6 p.m., took our luggage up to the room, went out to dinner, and came back to the room around 9. Got into the bed and watched TV until around 11 p.m. Brushed teeth and was about to turn in when I just happened to flip over the pillow and saw a round, dark red looking bug. Googled it immediately for fear of the dreaded bed bug and sure enough, th

at is EXACTLY what it was. Used a Kleenex to get it into a plastic baggie and took it to the front desk where we quietly, very quietly, showed the attendant what we had found. She said that it definitely looked like one. Then she said, and I QUOTE, "If you can smash it with your fingernail, it's not a bed bug." REALLY? My husband and I were both amazed by that bit of science. (Please note my sarcasm.) We showed her the pictures from Google on our phones. She immediately got on the phone and got us a room at the other end of town. Very inconvenient, but there were no bed bugs there - It was a Ramada Inn, I think.

I would be weary of this place. It's very nice, but even the nicest places can still have the dreaded bed bugs!! Look under your pillows before you go to sleep!

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We stayed here the weekend of June 27th 2013, I was at the front desk when another guest was talking to the manager about there being bed bugs in their room. I asked the manager about it and was told they had an exterminator coming to check to see if there were any in that room. I also talked some of the house keeping staff who told me there was a real problem with this hotel and bed bugs. Worried at this point about my room we were staying in I went down and talked to the manager, he said he wo

uld have the pest company check our room. We hadn't been gone 5 minutes from our room when we got a call saying the pest company had checked our room and we didn't have any bed bugs. Obviously they didn't check our room there was no way they could have in that amount of time. We HAD bedbugs in our room we found one on the sheets of the bed and 2 on the wall by the bed. I have researched extensively about bed bugs and they hide in the box springs, under the mattress, in the shoe molding around the room and anywhere else they can hide. The only thing that kills them is HEAT AT HIGH TEMPS. NEVER put your luggage on the floor and NEVER leave your bags open. Keep you eyes open and be smart. Don't bring your own pillow from home!

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We were there for the 4th of July weekend. Arrived on Thursday, the next morning our daughter woke to say that there was a bug on her pillow, at first we thought it was a red tick. I throw the bug down the toilet. Within 5 minutes from that we saw another one going up the wall by the entry to the room. This one we took down to the front desk. They told us they would call the bug people and let us know what they were going to do. By the time we went back to the room they were calling to let

us know they would move us to another room. We bought spray for our belongings in hopes that would get rid of what ever additional bugs that would have latched on to our luggage. We did not see any additional bugs until the very last night we were there. We again saw one going up the wall by the adjoining room. I was hoping that it was not a bed bug but after looking on the web of pictures of what we saw it was definitely a bed bug. We learned a lesson out of this, that even the nicest hotels can have bug issues.

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