LA Quinta Inn
4207 Franklin Common Ct
Franklin, TN 37067-4040

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June 12, 2010
I stayed here for one night and woke up with bed bug bites as well. Stay AWAY!!!

oct 26,2009...bed bugs ..we rented three rooms ..changed rooms several times related to..nasty dirty rooms,underwear,trash,nasty walls,nasty lobby,just plan dirty and nasty everywhere,bathroom with bm on the toilets ..have a list the whole hotel is infested infested could see the bedbugs on the sheets blood stains...was even placed in rooms WITH bed bugs that was on their list that needed treated..didn't find out until children and adults traveling with me got bitten,luggage infeste

d and all..these were my grandchildren and this hotel knew about their infestation..the whole hotel is infested and needs closed down...i will be giving the information i have to laquinta ...we have always stayed at laquinta they will not be happy with these people using thier name...

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