Fairfield Inn & Suites Chattanooga I-24/Lookout Mountain
40 Starview Ln
Chattanooga, TN 37419-1923

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Checked in on 1/30/14 and checked out on 2/1/14. Stayed in room 222 and found 2 live bugs crawling on our 2 different beds on 1/31/14 late in the evening. Caught 1 of them and put in a bag and gave to night clerk. Had night clerk move us to new room on 1st floor- room 104. Night clerk was very nice and helped me check all sheets/mattresses to ensure new room was 'clean'. We even pulled mattress away from headboard and slept with lights on that night. Only got 3 hrs. of sleep. Got up early a

t 5:30am and found a very 'tiny' bed bug crawling in my bed!
Captured it and turned it in also to same clerk on duty.
Manager was not available- out of town. Clerk said she would leave message for manager. I had to look up on internet to see what was recommended. Night clerk did not advise me or give me options. I asked for large trash bags myself to be pro-active and bagged up 'all' of my belongings into sealed bags... purse and briefcase and all. I checked our current clothes carefully that we wore home that day. I really wish the hotel had offered to hot wash/hot dry our items frankly, but I had to leave for a meeting that morning and then drive home over 8 hours.
When we got home we had to remove 'all' items in the garage and beeline it to the shower. We kept all items bagged and took them to the public laundry mat the next day and spent over 3 hours washing/hot drying our washables.. then another 2 hours wiping down any items with alcohol that could not be washed such as purse items/laptop. IT was a MAJOR pain and waste of time- all because we did not check this website first! I would not trust a hotel that has a history of bed bugs... If you have to travel, follow the advice and take disposable clothing you can change/wash when you get home... don't put suitcase /clothes near the bed you sleep in; etc.. avoid hotels that have recent activity posted.
This hotel manager did not call us -but we called and got a hold of him 2 days later and he did comp our stay and offer bonus reward points. The staff were very friendly, and felt bad for our situation. But this hotel appears to have more of a problem then they may be able to admit or handle. Bed bugs are very hard to detect/deal with and expensive. Stay at your own risk and know what to do if you are exposed to avoid taking it home with you!

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There were bed bugs found on the 4th floor of this hotel on January 18, 2014. We stayed on that floor and while we did not see any bugs in our room I did have some bites on me that looked to be from bed bugs. The hotel management was notified and handled the situation very professionally and took it very seriously. This is a nice hotel and I would stay here in the future. The bad ones are the hotels that don't do something about it when they have this problem.

11/16/2013 awoke to find bedbug crawling on my sons side. Woke everybody up in the room and turned lights on and put the bug in a cup. Tried to examine all articles of clothing and luggage for bugs. Left hotel at 3a.m. after spending 5 hours there.

9/17/11 - One of our group of 11 rooms encountered the live bugs in the room shared by three girls. We only planned to stay that night, so moving rooms was unnecessary. The hotel had them double bag their belongings and suggest to wash on highest heat. Unfortunately one of the girls had planned to prolong her visit over the weekend with area family, so that required her to replace her clothes that were affected. Although I reserved the rooms, I gave the hotel manager contact information to t

he families affected to contact them directly for any damage reimbursement.

We did receive a refund for the amount paid for the one infested room.

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