Courtyard Nashville Brentwood
103 West Park Dr
Brentwood, TN 37027-5004

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My family stayed at this hotel 4/26/2019-4/27/2019. I found what appeared to be a bedbug crawling on the side of the mattresses on one of the beds. I caught the bug in an empty water bottle and took it to the front desk. The “engineer” came to the front desk and stated that it appeared to be a tick. I told him it was absolutely not a tick. After several phone calls we were informed that EcoLab had come out and inspected and that an Incident Report was filed.

My fiance and I had a great stay in this hotel and thought the room was quite nice. Yet, five days after we had returned home from this hotel, I began finding bed bugs in our room. We had not stayed at any other location since that night. We called the hotel to inform them of our findings. The manager called a week later and stated the room we stayed in was inspected and they did not find bed bugs. We understand, legally, they wouldn't tell us if they had found them or not. We appreciated their

call, but we most definitely believe the bugs came from their facility and it has cost us so much money and stress trying to get rid of them. They are so hard to get rid of, in fact, we saw one again last night. This has been a total nightmare. So please please please if you stay in this hotel check for bed bugs. You can even ask the staff to check the room for you, at least that is what the manager who called us said. He also stated they check the rooms every 3 months, which if you ask me, that is NOT enough considering how many people sleep in the room.

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