Super 8
1508 W Russell St
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-1329

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I cannot believe there are no reports for this hotel, but then again I only learned of this site myself. My parents and I stayed at this hotel on Nov. 5, 2013. After missing my flight in Dallas, I was tired & forgot to check for bed bug signs. NEVER AGAIN! When I woke up in the morning with blood spots all over my pajamas, THEN I checked the beds. There were spots of blood all over my bed & on my Dad's side of his bed. They didn't touch my mom. When I pulled back the mattresses, the bed bug "di

rt" was everywhere. We immediately bagged all dirty clothes to wash the minute we got to my parent's & I left my suitcase out in the cold. Thank goodness we didn't bring any home. My dad didn't react to the bites, but I had over 250 bites on the exposed parts of my body. The itch was maddening. Cortisone cream, steroids & Benadryl just barely helped. Management was "kind" enough to refund 50% of our room charge. Big deal! DO NOT stay here!!!

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