La Quinta Inn & Suites Rapid City
1416 N Elk Vale Rd
Rapid City, SD 57703-9509

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Room 426

The hotel appeared clean & was SOLD OUT. Around 1:00 AM my husband was in the shower, and I was laying on the bed watching TV. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something crawling across my pillow. The creature looked like a tiny CLEAR tick; see-through body filled with blood. I smashed the creature on my pillow, and blood smeared across the pillow. I immediately Google Image searched "bed bug," and my suspicion was confirmed. The front desk staff was unconcerned with the incid

ent. The hotel was booked so she was unable to move me to different room (I wouldn't have stayed anyway). She said the manager would contact me the next day. We checked out of the hotel at 2AM, drove 30 minutes down the street, and stayed at a hotel after I checked the bed bug registry.

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My daughter stayed in 233. They paid $260 for one night and suffered many bug bites. Calling the health department!

Dirty and buggy

Stayed here for 1 night originally suppose to stay for 3 for a BB tournament. The whole building is dirty and there are bugs at this hotel! Trip advisor reviews as well have indicated this.

stayed one night, 12/15/12... found many bed bugs on the bed, luckily it was before i got in it.

the desk clerk moved me to another room, and tried to tell me not to worry, that "bed bugs don't travel from room to room"

I inspected the new room, but slept poorly. No signs of bites, surely because I saw them.

We stayed here on 9/13/2012-9/15/2012 and when we got home a few days later my daughter had some bites. This got me paranoid and started checking and watching for signs. We found a confirmed bed bug in her room and now has caused us alot of stress! We called the hotel and they denied ever having bed bugs and then we found this registry and found out they have! I know this is where it came from! Never staying here again!

In January 2012 we stayed here our room was on the 4th floor. I always check the beds when we stay at hotels. The mattress had traces of bed bugs. Notified the front desk right away and they moved us to a bed bug free room on the 1st floor.

Checked in for a two-night stay on 9/1/12 in room 425. We checked for bed bugs after checking in and didn't see anything. The next morning I noticed a small bug under my pillow. Figured out that it was a bed bug. Also noticed little blood stains on the sheets. Upon further inspection found a larger bed bug crawling under the bed skirt. Reported this to the front desk. They confirmed the presence of bed bugs in our room. Helped us bag up our clothing and luggage. Moved us to a bug-free r

oom. Ran our clothing through a hot dryer to kill any that might have crawled in things. They treated the room with a high heat treatment the same day and let us put our bagged up stuff in there as well. They comp us for one nights stay. The staff was helpful. I was happy to get out of there and don't think I'll be staying in ANY hotel any time soon. Major stress!! Hope we haven't brought any home with us. Eweeeee!

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There was an article in the Bismarck Tribune where the manager of this hotel stated that he was having a huge problem with the bedbugs in his hotels. He owns more than one. I think the maids work in different hotels and carry them back and forth.

i stayed at this hotel last year.checked for bedbugs and didnt find any. the next morning i had at least 20-30 bedbug bites!after that i checked again and killed about 4 under my pillow! although they refuse that they have bedbugs, i have friends that have had encounters with bedbugs at this hotel.

October 21-23, 2011
We checked into the hotel and immediately looked at the beds. They looked fine (I wish I knew about this site earlier!)We stayed in the same room 3 nights and no one showed signs of being bit. The last morning we moved back the sheet prior to checking out and found a bedbug crawling on the sheet. We placed the bug in the cup and brought it to the front desk. They stated that this is a "sign of the times" and refunded one night stay and ran all of our clothing in their comm

ercial dryers.

I was shocked that they seemed as if this was normal and stated they even have a hi-tech way of "debugging" the room sealing it off and heating the room. Obviously it does not work and GROSS. We tossed our suite cases deciding to transport our clothes home in garbage bags. I am just hoping they did not follow us home I am sure we will be freaking out about this for a long time.

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I stayed at this hotel in October with my two teenaged children. My daughter started getting some bites after the first night. When it happened again we asked to change rooms. The staff accommodated. The 2nd room was worse. I actually killed two bed bugs in the room in the morning, one on the wall and one on my son's pillow. My daughter ended up with 7 bites. She was allergic and I had to take her to urgent care when we got back. My son ended up with 24 bites.

The hotel management den

ied they had bed bugs even though I brought them one of the ones I killed and showed them at the front desk. Managment refused to refund me for my stay. They claimed to have had the room inspected and found no bed bugs. She accused me of bringing the bed bugs into the room!!! I offerred to pay for my own inspection (see info on this site about false negative inspections) but she refused.

This was a traumatizing stay for our family. Stay at your own risk. Cost me hundreds of dollars to clean up all my stuff to make sure I din't bring bed bugs home. Worse than the bed bugs was the attitude of the manager. Bed bugs can happen anywhere, one star to 5 star hotel, but when a guest has 24 bites and brings you a dead bed bug, how do you say, you don't have them? My first experience ever with bed bugs.

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