Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Rapid City
2321 N Lacrosse St
Rapid City, SD 99999

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Stayed in this hotel Oct. 11, 2013 through Oct. 13, 2013 and found bed bug crawling on the bed in Room 321. Also found tiny spots of blood on the sheets of both beds which is a sign of bed bugs. We did not realize it was a bed bug or we would have packed up our items and left. I didn't break out with bite marks until a few days after checking out of this hotel. Now I itch and scared they are in our home. Disgusting. I have contacted the hotel manager to make the report. This person at the

front desk didn't seem surprised when I told her why I was calling. Gross.

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Stayed up late to read in the upholstered chair by bedside and happened to glance over at the bed. To my horror, I saw a little bug crawling on the sheets. Looked online and it definitely matched photos of bedbugs. I started looking more around the room and found several more - including one in the bathroom! Packed all my stuff immediately and went down to talk to the desk. The clerk there didn't seem surprised that I had found them and offered to find me another room. I declined and check

ed out instead. Am now disinfecting/heat treating everything (including my car), so I don't bring any into my home.

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Found 3 small bugs crawling around in the bed at bedtime. One was on top of sheets, one a the bottom of bed under the sheets and one under the pillow. Went to front desk and reported. We actually took one of the bugs with us. The manager was called and came and was drunk. They moved us to a King Whirlpool room and only gave us a small amount of our money back.

I woke in the AM to my face itching and there they where, red inflamed bit marks on my face, arms and legs. I check the bed and i found a dead bed bug. I took a picture of the bug and showed it to the front desk reseptionist. She said "ill send a housekeeper up righ away". I told her no, that I wanted a diffrent room and that I was not paying for my room last nite. She gave us a diffent room and after returning from out outing,I found a bed bug in the bathroom and took another pic of it. We

went down to the desk and said we were leaving and we wanted our money back. They said that they had the other room checked and found nothing. I told her that I have the pictures and the markes on my body to prove it. they did not sound to concerened about the problem. Now I have to do without my personal belongings until the bugs that may be in there are dead. I have marks all over my body that itch form this. My mother who was staying in a room other then ours said she found bit marks latter that day. this all happend on 04/27/13.

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