Best Western Town & Country Inn
2505 Mt Rushmore Rd
Rapid City, SD 57701-5340

Found 2 reports:

Stayed in room 172 around the night of Sept 17th or 18th. Checked room when after we checked in and didn't find any evidence of bed bugs. Next morning getting ready to leave our son said there was a bug on his bed. Investigated and it was a bed bug. Hotel packed up our things and said they would put them through a hot dryer. They comped room.

Check in 8/27/12, room 175. Morning of 8/28 bites on my wife started to welt and were blistered by afternoon. We slept in other bed the night of 8/28, thinking only one bed was problematic. More bites on wife next day but not as many, yet total bites were in excess of 60+. For some reason I was not bit or did not have a reaction to any bites. Made motel aware of the problem checking out on 8/29. They were very apologetic and comped the room charges.

No nearby bug reports