Americas Best Value Inn - Rapid City
620 Howard St
Rapid City, SD 57701-0482

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This was Americas Best Value Inn off of Haines Avenue and I-90. I was staying there for a business trip and actually checked the room for bed bugs prior to going to sleep. I didn't notice any signs of infestations but I apparently was not thorough enough. I was reading in bed when I felt like things were crawling on me. Later, I felt a very light pinch on my foot and I pulled the blankets back and I saw a brownish tan bug with a bright red spot crawling on the bed. Later, I found 3

smaller versions of this bug. I took a bug to the front desk and they had me switch rooms immediately but I did not sleep very well at all that night. The next morning when I decided to check out, the staff had a different approach and kept asking me it was not a another type of bug or spider. While I appreciated the change in rooms, I didn't feel as if they took my concern seriously.

I imagine if I slept through the night, I would have awoke to many more bites than that.

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