Quality Inn Rosebud Casino Mission
Highway 83
Mission, SD 57555

Found 3 reports:

Stayed in March 2015 for several days and was eaten alive by bed bugs. Did not notice anything the first night except the horrible smoke stench from the casino that permeated the air. Bath towels smelled like ashtrays.

I sat in my car afraid to go inside as I watched drug deals go down in the parking lot. Will never stay there again.

My niece and her boyfriend checked in May 30, 2014 am and went to sleep and woke up with little red dots. The rest of us checked in later that day. At 4 o'clock in the morning I woke up to bed bugs crawling on my face. We had 3 rooms 201, 206 and 207. Management seemed more concerned about me giving them the actual bed bug I now in a zip lock baggie than to fix the issue with reimbursement for rooms. Management wanted to move out belongings into different rooms. And now you how bed bugs go

from room to room. Management allows your possessions in a room with bed bugs to be moved into another room without treating possessions first. I now have luggage, clothing and personal hygiene items which will become a bonfire.

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We checked in on September 19, 2012.Because we have had bedbugs in our apartment complex, we immediately pulled up the sheets and my wife found one right away. When we went back to the lobby my wife talked to another couple who found the telltale blood spots on the mattress. So we left and went to another Comfort Inn in Valentine, Neb and it seems to be clean.

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