Econo Lodge
342 Mt Rushmore Rd
Custer, SD 57730-1938

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Woke the kids up Saturday morning 6 July 2019 and found a bed bug in my daughters bed. Went to the front desk immediately. Assistant manager Caboy was very unsurprised by the situation and commented that they have bed bugs every year and was surprised they went 2 months without having someone find one. Talked to the manager Dawn on the phone. She said a professional would need to be brought in to make sure there were actually bedbugs before being able to give a refund. That was last Saturda

y morning and I haven't heard anything back as of Wednesday. My recommendation, don't risk it, stay somewhere else.

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On Saturday, July 26, we had three families in three rooms (right next to each other) as we traveled to Wyoming. The next morning our 75-year old mom was covered on her trunk area with hundreds of bites (she was in the middle room). Her husband was untouched). In the room to the left a 16-year old boy awoke with dozens of bites on his ankles and his brother had a few on his body. In this same room the 45-year old father had 10-20 bites on his legs and stomach area. The hotel offered to pay m

edical bills after we spent 2-3 hours in an urgent care on Sunday, July 27. Upon investigation of the room, though, they uncovered no tell-tale signs of an infestation (bugs themselves, blood spots on linens) so refuse to reimburse medical expenses. They suggested that we encountered them on our previous night's stay at a different property but we learned from our local health department that bites show up right away so their suggestion is without merit. The health department also recommended that the property use an expert (exterminator) when trying to locate the bugs themselves; untrained professionals experience difficulty in locating the bugs.

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