Super 8 Walterboro
1972 Bells Hwy
Walterboro, SC

Found 3 reports:

This is manager of super 8 our problems did get resolved we have have termini do out every month checking and doing monthly inspections and spraying all our rooms for anything.

1/23/15 Woke up in room 205 COVERED in bedbugs. Checked out at 11:30pm with an apology and a statement that they had never had a complaint before. It seems as though the person with prior complaint and I had the same room. Obviously Super 8 did not address this problem. I will report to parent company and the board of health

Stayed one night. I don't remember the room number, but it was the second floor room on the far right end as you face the office. I woke up to a pretty big bedbug crawling on my neck. I killed or stunned it when I slapped it off of me. I put it in a plastic bag, showered longer than I ever had before, closely inspected everything I brought into the room, and took the bagged bug to the manager. I got an apology and got my money back. The manager didn't appear to be surprised, so I doubt my

report was the first.
This one was pretty big, according to the internet, but there was no doubt it was a bedbug. Stay away from this Super 8!

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