Sleep Inn Travelers Rest
110 Hawkins Rd
Travelers Rest, SC 29690-8868

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We stayed in this Sleep Inn on Oct 9-11, 2015. On Sunday morning, we noticed bug bites all over my friends body - esp arms and back. I stripped sheets to look for bed bugs, but didnt see anything. I didnt get bite. We notified the front desk staff and she wrote down a note for the manager. I called yesterday afternoon - after a visit to Urgent Care - again the front desk staff told me they were leaving the manager a note. I have called 2 times today - 12 Oct and no manager. I will call he

alth dept as well and give this hotel a bad rating.

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My husband stayed here for two nights on 5/22-23/2015 and when he woke up in the morning on the 24th he had bites on his stomach, and saw a bedbug scurrying across the bed. He killed it, placed it on a napkin, took a picture, and wrote a note next to it for the hotel staff. I also called the hotel today to notify them of what happened and they had not been informed by the cleaning staff.

My Mother, my granddaughter and I stayed at this motel on Friday night,July 12, 2013. At 4:00 a.m. I went to the bathroom and returned to the bed. I arranged the pillow under my granddaughter's head. When I picked the pillow up, four bed bugs ran out. I killed two of them that were right behind her head. I immediately got her out of that bed. I got my camera and took several pictures plus captured one of the bugs for evidence. So much for any more sleep that night. We checked out as soon as the

sun came up. I turned in the key and the lady at the desk said "thank you". I proceeded to lay the evidence on the counter and she said, "Oh, I will report this to the right people". I took out my camera and started to show her pictures. I ask her, "do we not get our room for free?" She went to her computer and gave me a receipt where she had credited my account for that night. She then ask me if I wanted to stay another night. I think not, I told her. Please have this place shut down until they can clean up their act!

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I checked into Sleep Inn on 110 Hawkins Road, Travelers Rest, SC on Friday night, April 13th, 2012. I was assigned room 117. I woke up at 4.30 am with bed bug bites on my arms, torso, and legs. I showered, packed my belongings in plastic bags and reported the incident to the front desk. The front desk woman, Mary, was sympathetic when I showed her my arm. The Asian manager was amused and laughed at the incident. When I showed him my arm he became verbally abusive. I checked out of the hotel.

On Sunday, I had a nurse look at the multiple red lesions and she confirmed it was bed bugs and told me how to keep it from spreading into my house. I also saw my dermatologist the next day. He, too, confirmed the diagnosis of bedbugs.

I am posting this so others might not experience the nightmare of being awoken with multiple bedbug bites.

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