Super 8
488 S Blackstock Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29301-3645

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Our family stayed in this hotel in July 2012 for a week while visting family. I honestly had never even thought about bedbugs before staying at this hotel. When we checked into the hotel, there were a bunch of mattresses next to the trash. We tried to check into the room that we had purchased on Expedia, the clerk said she was moving us into another room because that room had "issues". I am guessing now these issues are bedbugs. We stayed for a week, then came home and started getting strange bi

tes on us. Long story short, we did get bedbugs from this hotel and brought them back w/ us to our home. It took us so much time, money and tears to get these nasty bugs out of our home. I am disgusted by this hotels neglience in treating bedbugs and not informing it's guests of this issue. If I had the time last year, I would have sued this hotel. It should be a law that hotels are required to tell guests of bedbug problems.

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I had stayed in this hotel on September of 2012. Couldn't drive any longer and had to stop. I did not see these bugs but realized I had been bit by a bed bug after we left... this was the only hotel we stopped at and the itching lasted over a was horrible. I then called the hotel and ask them when was their last reported case and was told two years ago. Obviously that was not the case after finding this site...I wish I knew about this before I had stopped. Now I am living in fear

in my own home hoping I did not bring this back with me. I wish I would have slept in my car now. I think the health department should required to have all hotels if any cases were reported have to disclose. This is the most sicking epidemic and to put peoples homes at risk without disclosing should be not without penalty.

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I wish I had I had known about this website before our stay on July 20-21, 2012. We checked in on the 20th. Yes, the hotel smelled like cigarette smoke in the lobby and the hallway on the end of the building had spiders and smelled of urine/feces. I looked past that hoping the room was better. The room itself wasn't great but I figured for the price it would do for the 1 night we needed to stay. When we got ready for bed, my daughter said the covers had blood and what looked like mold on th

em. We called and had them changed. We also requested additional towels after the toilet flooded and we used the 3 in the room to clean the floor. The desk clerk brought a couple extra and was very upset when I sent my daughter down for more. We had to clean and plunge the toilet! Once all of that was settled we went to bed for the night.

We shared towels the next morning for a shower since they limited the amount per room!!!!!My 6 year old was still asleep until I finished showering. When I went to wake her and flipped back the cover, a bug was crawling away from her. My husband captured it in a cup and took it down to the desk right away. The clerk did not seem concerned and actually popped the bug, causing blood to squirt everywhere. When asked how this is going to be handled, she simply gave us a refund and sent us on our way. There was nothing else she was allowed to do.

We immediately packed our belongings that was in the room----we noticed 3 more in the same bed. We immediately left.

Now we are left to deal with all of our belongings at home, hoping we didn't bring anything home with us. Everything we took was left outside. We have been washing in scalding water and putting into a hot dryer.

We called the customer service hotline for Super 8 and was told they weren't aware of this issue. I told them I found a couple of reviews online as well as this site going back for well over a year. She said no one must have reported the situation to corporate, only on reviews. Tara the specialist is supposed to call me back. I have yet to hear from her. I am banning Super 8!!!

We all have bites on us and they seem to be getting worse!! This is absolutely the most horrible experience ever!!!!

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Woke up on this morning, October 1, to a bed bug at this hotel. Had a bad feeling when I saw the mattresses covered and freshly retacked baseboards, but found nothing on inspection the previous night. We left nothing on the floor or bed or in the dressers. I'm so glad we took some precautions. We left all the sleeping clothes with the room and left. They did give us a full refund.

Checked in Thursday July 14, 2011 after a long travel day. We should have been suspicious due to crooked pictures, dirty carpet, and sloppily made bed. The maid must have known to get out of this room quickly! I woke up with a line of bites on my stomach and a few other bigger bites appeared the next day. My wife is quite allergic to insect bites of any kind. She ended up with 35- 40 bites. As the bites got worse, there was no doubt we had bedbug bites. We had only taken a small bag of clothi

ng inside, and we cleaned and inspected like crazy when we got home. My wife's bites got much worse a week later which I have learned is typical. I contacted Super 8 corporate and told them I wanted to know what steps they would take to protect other guests. I DID NOT GET A REPLY! Thankfully our house seems to be bedbug free, after a two-week vigil of checking the bed morning, noon, and night.

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I've been staying in this hotel weekly since the beginning of May. My last stay began on July 11 and ended on July 12. During the night of July 11 I found these things crawling in my bed in the middle of the night after being bitten. The front desk clerk made a note to fumigate the room. She didnt act surprised, disgusted or concerned. I've reported the problem through their survey and via their website. I received a promise the general manager of the hotel would contact me...never heard f

rom him. It was not until after this encounter did I find this website....Thanks for a great resource for this problem.

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Well our whole family is going on a trip & we stayed at this hotel the last time we went on this trip. & well luckily I found this website but nobody would cancel our reservations. So my aunt was pulling back the covers to lay down and low and behold. A bed bug. So, we looked at all the hotel rooms we rented, & we found some in every room. We told the front desk, & they said this is the first report. HA! I laughed. So we left IMMEDIATELY! I mean ive never left a place so fast. Now we're tryin to

find a new hotel. What a horrible start to the vacation. Please, Do not stay here......

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April 1st 2011

My son thought he saw a bug on him when we first arrived and he sat on the bed. I checked under sheets and bedcovers didn't see anything then. Later that night we both felt like things were crawling on us. When we got up the next morning I found blood stains under my head and a bug crawling on my pillow. When I called back to check on what action was taken was told that our room and two other rooms were sprayed. The manager told me they had "never had a problem before" I w

ish I had checked the registry before we went. I was refunded but it really put a damper on our trip.

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November 24th,2010
Turned out lights & started to get into bed-saw bug on inside of spread when we turned down the bed. Checked under mattress pad & found blood stains from other bugs. Reported to front desk and were refunded. Luckily we had just checked in & hadn't had our luggage there long!

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