Best Western Executive Inn
511 Us-123-byp
Seneca, SC 29678

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Stayed here in August 2013, woke up and had welts on my arm. I thought it was odd that it had happened one other time when we stayed there . A doctor friend of mine told me they were bed bug bites and that people that are allergic have reactions, It was midnight after a long day of moving in a college student so I had to try to sleep there. I quietly in private told the manager what was going on and he got very angry. He said we don't have bed bugs in that room!!!!! In that room!!!! He wan

ted to show me paper work to which I showed him my arm with welts and blisters, I did not expect an angry reaction like that , I took it private! Being bitten is one thing to have the manager be that rude was unbelievable!!!!

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I stayed for two nights on July 25 & 26. I that thursday morning to find that I got bitten on my back, stomach, and both arms. I never been bitten like this before. I have spoken to the general manager on the phone and he said that he will have his maintanance guy will check the room I was staying in. Also he said he never had any bed bugs in that room before and he will have the exterminator to do a scan of the room. I hope no one else goes through what I went through.

July 29th 2012- Booked hotel for two nights. First night after my daughter and husband had gone to bed, I stayed up reading in bed. Found a bug crawling on my arm, immediatly squashed it and woke up the family and began searching. Although the beds were not infested, we found both adult and nymphs at the head of both beds and found they were coming from the headboards. We reported this to the night clerk who upon our demand moved us to another room. This room was searched and we did not find any

trace of bed bugs. We proceeded to move our belongings to this room. During the moving the night clerk came up to look at the samples I had captured for him in the bathroom. He never confirmed our findings but about an hour later there was another man in the room spraying and that morning the door to the room had a towel stuffed under the outside of the door to prevent anything from escaping. After a sleepless night we spoke to the morning deskclerk and found out they had a room above the one we had stayed in that was not even rentable due to the infestation of bed bugs. She was very apologetic and went out of her way to make up for it. We did receive a discount on our first night but never heard from the manager.

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