Radisson Hotel Charleston Airport
5991 Rivers Ave
North Charleston, SC 29406

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As the Management of the Radisson Hotel Charleston Airport we take extra precautions to avoid having Bedbugs by checking our rooms regularly. We have a professional pest control service which treats the hotel and if there are signs of bedbugs they are called to check the room and will treat it properly if required. The finest hotels have had bedbugs and the best way to avoid them is to have a preventive program which is something in place at the Radisson. Any time there is a question from a gu

est about Bedbugs it is taken seriously and reacted upon immediately by the staff.

The Radisson Hotel Charleston Airport Management Team

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6/24/2011 - checked to room 203 around 3:00 pm. Me,a grilfriend, my 2 yr. old, her 2 yr. old, and 6 yr. old niece. Checked around the edges of the mattresses for anything! We saw nothingChanged and went to the beach around 5:00.Came back around 8:30, everybody had baths and we ate. We all went to sleep around 10:00. My daughter started coughing about 1:00,I got her up and went to the bathroom, all the last were out because everyone was sleep. My girlfriend then got up and went to get a sprite.Th

e only light was on was the bathroom light with the door half way open.As my daughter and I sat on the bed we noticed something moving, it was a bug. I snatched her up, killed the bug. By the that time my girlfriend came back. We started checking the bed more and the other bed were she and her kids where sleeping. We found more! We got the kids out the bed and I immediately went down stairs to the front desk. I asked for the manager to come to the room. He did, he said they were not bed bugs but regardless, I think they were. I took pictures and videos of them. We packed up and hit the road about 3:00 am, kids in tow. We did receive a full refund.

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