Quality Inn North Charleston
7415 Northside Dr
North Charleston, SC 29420-4209

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9/16/15, I made reservations thru hotelplanner.com for Quality Inn North, 7415 Northside Drive, North Charleston, SC 29420. Checked into Room#234 on 9/18/15 around 11:15pm.Around 3am 9/19/15, I woke up scratching and pulled the covers off of me to see a bug crawling on the bed and I went and got a tissue and caught it and squished it and blood came out of it. Around 4am 9/19/15, I woke up again scratching to pull the covers off of me again to see another bug and I went and got another tissue a

nd caught it and squished it no blood came out of this bug. 9/19/15, 4:10am I called the front desk using the hotel phone and stated there are bed bugs biting me in the bed I was sleeping in and it does not appear to be anything wrong with my granddaughter's bed so when they wake up I want to be moved to another room, I then lifted up the mattress to the bed I was sleeping on and started taking pictures at 5:53am. 9am on 9/19/15, I am at the front desk with my granddaughters complaining about the bed bug bites, given key to new room #124.1pm on 9/19/15 use key to access room #124.1:15pm on 9/19/15 I return to the front desk and tell them I left my granddaughters sippy cup in the fridge of #234 and can I go get it and they give me the key and when I open the door to my shock the room is all made up just waiting on it’s next victim instead of being quarantined off. 9/20/15, checked out at 10:30am.

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Checked in on August 22, first room my children and I were severely bitten by bed bugs. Given a different room the next morning with the promise of it being the best room they had, encountered even more bed bugs in this room. I have plenty pictures and video to prove it also, and would think this place should have been shut down already from all the other complaints. It would be great if we all could get together and do a class action lawsuit or something just to hold them accountable.I believe

it would be in the best interest of the general public if Quality Inn was condemned!

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I checked into this place this afternoon. Was sitting on bed using my laptop when I noticed a bug on my leg. Flicked it off and started looking at bed. Didn't have to look much, there were bugs everywhere. Packed up my stuff and told front desk. It was already 9pm so I agreed to try another room. It was a nicer room, but after about 20 minutes I saw another bug so got out of there and am now in another hotel. The front desk attendant didn't seem surprised and was more concerned about whether I h

ad used the shower/bed so she could sell to someone else.

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02/07/2014 we drove 10 hours and were checking in someone else was at the counter asking for there money back???so ichecked in put the stuff in the room and we left to get something to eat,we came back turned on the light and a bed bug was crawling,i picked it up in a tissue and put it on the counter so they could see it..no surprise no reaction,my daughter was putting our stuff back in the car,people where trying to check in and I was in there with the bed bug the man got mad,he called the Char

leston sc police saying I was causing a scene...they came talked to the guy and after he told me I had to wait to talk to peggy on Monday the police made him give me a refund {has not appeared on my card yet] called the bank they took a extra 40.00????I called asked why was told after the police left went back to the room[lies]ileft before the cops did ,I told them look at they video so now I have to call peggy tomorrow and see what is happing but the police told me they get a call a week about this place its horrible with bed bugs and roaches....and they no they are infested and they don't care

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Aug 26, 2013
Other reports appear to continue the same, loaded with bed bugs and terrible stench in rooms. This place seems clearly to be a health hazard. When I turned on the light several were running around.

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We checked into hotel on Friday, July 5th and did not realize until later that the funny smell in the room was not in fact the smell of a "old" hotel, but in fact the scent of bed bugs. My daughter broke out in a rash over most of her body within the next 7 days. She spent money treating for them and medicine for the terrible itch they cause...she is still battling with it. Two days ago I started breaking out. At 4:00 this morning I woke up feeling something crawling on me...I immediately kn

ew what it was. I got up and started washing everything on my bed in hot water and vacuumed the mattresses and around the bed. I have spent $300 already to replace the mattress cover, mattress pad, pillows, etc and have an exterminator coming today and I have NO IDEA how much that is going to cost. From researching this problem I notice that numerous other people have gotten bed bugs from this Quality Inn and others too. I am extremely upset and have a lawyer checking into what my next step is. If Quality has aleady had reports on this hotel, why is it not closed/condemned?????

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June 28th cockroach found upon check in and front desk attendant offered to send maintenance to spray. Upon pulling covers back, identified bed bug on pillow. Notified front desk and she again gave me story about not being able to give a refund because only the manager had the code. I was also given the name of Peggy as the manager,

My husband and I were visiting from out of town and opted to stay at this Quality Inn because we are Choice rewards members and have stayed in TONS of Quality Inns and never had a problem. We were expecting the same quality and customer service that we had grown fond of within the chain. This place FAILED to live up to the standard; Not even in the ballpark.
We checked in after 3pm and admittedly, the "check in" process is the only thing that went well. After dropping off our luggage we left a

nd returned later on in the evening took our showers and prepared for bed around 1230-1am. Around 230am I was awakened because I felt like something was crawling on me. I turned the lights on, snatched the covers back and indeed there were bed bugs. I screamed for my husband to look at the scrambling bugs and he also agreed they were bed bugs. I immediately called the front desk to complain and the young lady told me they were booked to capacity (which was a lie, that parking lot was bear) and that it was nothing she could do until the manager got in at 8 and someone would call me. She then said she would send maintenance but no one ever showed. Around 3am I walked to the front desk to show her pictures and video of the bugs and her response was "oh my god, that's gross. Well I made notes in your account for the manager to call you as there is nothing I can do since you paid on your credit card and the manager is the only person with the code." I then informed her we would be leaving as that was unacceptable to even expect a guest to stay in a room with bed bugs. 8am rolled around and the manager didn't call. I called the manager Peggy around 8:30 and at first she tried to pretend she didnt know what I was talking about but then she quickly pointed out that I would not be refunded my money since I didnt call when we checked in & that she would call an exterminator. I called and reported them to Choice Hotel chain customer service.
We stayed on 2/25/13. We also photo and video evidence.

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