Country Inn & Suites by Carlson, Charleston North, SC
7429 Stafford Rd
North Charleston, SC 99999

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July 18-20
North Charleston Country Inn and Suites-Ashley Phosphate Rd.
I WILL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN! In our first room we put our stuff down and away and when we come back after going to the beach, I moved my bag and a COCKROACH was by my bag!! I killed it and called the front desk for another room. We got no apology and was moved to the room across the hall. We settled in and the next day I woke up with 3 bites on my arm and one on my ankle. They were tiny and red. They itched and I went on

not thinking much of it. We came back and while I was waiting for my boyfriend to get in from the car the guy at the front desk started talking to me and asked what room I was in! Made me feel very uncomfortable and thought it was very unprofessional. When we got to the room I tried to connect to the wifi. It said incorrect and password so when we went to call the front desk, the phone didnt even work! So we went to the front desk and the guys exact words were, "well I don't know what to tell you" and just looked at us. Very irritated at that point. The next morning I woke up to the same 4 bites way bigger and itching very badly and also finding TWELVE new bites! They all itch uncontrollably and look like welts! I have come to find out that they are bed bug bites and that this hotel is KNOWN for bed bugs! Why we didn't see that before I chose this hotel I don't know but you do NOT want to stay here! From cockroaches to bed bugs to the rude front desk staff, spare yourselves and choose another place to stay!!!!!!!

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last week of April 2014
place was filthy! didn't want to complain b/c someone else was paying for our stay. it wasn't until after the second night staying that we saw blood spots on the bed sheets.. once we realized what was happening, we had to take measures to vacuum seal EVERYTHING and go to another hotel. they worked with our host offering a refund of one night and an additional night free in the future... not sure if our host followed up any more. we definitely will never go back there

after returning home, had to leave our packed bags in the sun/heat for a couple of days and then start the laundry process...what a mess!! Some say it takes days for the bites to start to show up, but my husband had an allergic reaction to the bites. had to get a shot of steroid and follow with anitbiotics b/c reaction got so bad. not yet sure if the bugs traveled home with us but we are taking every measure possible to make sure they don't stay.

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