Radisson Plaza Hotel Myrtle Beach Convention Center
2101 N Oak St
Myrtle Beach, SC

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My husband & I was trying to get away for the night (date night) on Thursday, August 22, 2013. I'm have bites on arms, legs, & back. Can't wait to heal!!! No plans to stay there again no time soon.

4/27-4/28/12. Bed Bugs Confirmed in Room 417. We stayed here for a weekend soccer tournament. My son woke up covered in bites. I notified manager who told me if they found evidence, then I'd get my room refunded. I left hotel not knowing anything, but took precautions not to bring them home. We put our clothes straight into laundry and hot dryer. Put all shoes, belts into dryer. Didn't bring luggage in to house. In fact, we threw luggage away. We received a call 2 days later from hotel

that Orkin confirmed bed bug activity on the bed frame and boxspring. The hotel e-mailed me a copy of the report. Please note that I checked the mattress myself and didn't find any signs. So that is not always the best way to tell. My son suffered an allergic reaction to the bites and was covered in bites/welts. The hotel did refund my stay, but emotionally it has been awful.

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This is a follow report from the hotel. The guest did encounter a bug they thought might be a bed bud. They were moved and Orkin was called. They listed the room as not having any bed buds. Orkin also checked all other rooms in the hotel and nothing no BB were found. Jerry

February 2012 Sheraton Convention center in myrtle beach. We checked in on Feb. 1st for a Nursery Convention / slept in the bed, got up showered, and went to breakfast. We found a bed bug crawling on our comforter after we had returned from breakfast. It was rather large and I was not sure it was a bed bug, until I looked it up on my phone and sure enough it was a bed bug. When I smashed it in a kleenex, it was full of blood. The hotel did a full investigation of room #717 and yes, bed bugs were

definitely found. The hotel moved us to another room and I had head of housekeeping and security check the room for bugs. This room passed inspection. The hotel sent all of our clothes out to a laundry service, and ran our empty luggage through their on-site industrial steamer. I know they steamed our luggage because there were some stains and marks on it from usage. Those stains and marks were now gone. We appear to have avoided contamination. Neither of us were bitten (that we have noticed yet). But Holy Cow we were creeped out!!!!!

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