Grand Atlantic Ocean Resort
2007 S Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-4637

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AVOID Grand Atlantic (specifically unit 1502) at all cost - BED BUGS!

My family of 4 vacations annually in Myrtle Beach and have always had a wonderful time. This year we needed a larger condo to accommodate our extended family and chose Grand Atlantic Resort (July 2015). Day 2 we found a bed bug crawling across my mother 'n law's pillow. We immediately contacted management, which inspected the room and found several more (at that time limited to 1 of the 3 bedrooms). The situation was downpl

ayed by the GM, who actually stated ... there is little to no risk of them traveling in our items, luggage, etc. because they have a constant food source in the hotel. We were than given 2 options by the unit owner: 1) Move to the 8th floor for one night and then the 16th floor the second night and then back to our room after the room had been fumigated OR 2) pack/unpack our cars and move down the street for 2 days and then move back to the Grand Atlantic after the room was treated. Moving 9 people (including 4 children under the age of 9) within the building was obviously a better solution than packing/unpacking vehicles multiple times. After 48 hours we moved back into unit 1502 with confirmation the room had been treated and there we no more BBs. When we settled in we realized 5 of the fire alarms had not been installed AND the final kicker ... the next morning I found another bed bug crawling on a towel in the bedroom across the hall from the original location! AGAIN I immediately informed management and contacted the unit owner. While in the lobby another gentleman was pursuing a refund for a bug infestation in his room. My 4-year daughter has several bites on her lower back and the back of her arm. We were ONLY refunded for 1 night ~$325 ... NOT EXCEPTABLE! The Grand Atlantic GM and the unit owner offered no help in moving or making this situation right.

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I stayed at this resort from 9/7/13-9/14/13 in room 1807. The first night I stayed I had bites on my legs but I brushed it off as I had been in the grass on the beach. I switched several beds while staying there as i was staying in a four bedroom condo. My next encounter was on 9/14/13 when i woke with a total of 37 bites on my legs and arm. I went to the doctor as i was running a low grade fever and could not hardly stand the itching. The doctor confirmed the bites where bed bug related. I call

ed the motel and reported this as soon as i left the doctors office. The manager was no longer on duty but the girl was sympathetic to me. I reported this by email to the owner as well. The hotel took down my name, phone number, the room number and told them what bedroom i stayed in. I provided them with the owners name as well. I have not received any call back from the hotel nor the owner of that particular room.

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My FamilY And I Stayed At The Grand Atlantic Resort On Sept 6, 2013. We Realized We Had BedBugs In Our Room When My Sister In Law Saw Several Bugs CrawIIng Near The Head Of Her Newborn Baby Who She Was About To Put To Sleep For The Night. When We Called The Front DesK They Stated They Never Had ThaT Problem. They Moved Us To A Different Room And For Out Own Safety We Went Out And Bout DisNfected Spray To Be On The Safe Side. BEWARE OF THIS HOTEL!!! THEY HAVE BEDBUGS!! They May Tell You ThaT

They Don't But They Are Liars!!

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My husband and I checked in the so called Grand Atlantic on June 30th to find this year we didn't have such a "GRAND" time.After one night I started to have bug bites on my back,we thought it was from where we were out side the evening before.Second night I was almost ate alive,the room was 503.We caught one of the bed bugs and took it to the front desk,they came in our room like a swat team.The manager was begging me not to tell anybody but I did anyway.It's a shame to pay so much for a place t

hat you think your going to have a relaxing vacation and have bed bugs all over you.So people need to check you room before you set down you suitcases.All hotels need to do regular spraying for bugs.We were told they did but if they truely did take care of the hotel I would not have been bitten so many times with bed bugs.WE WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS HOTEL AGAIN!And I have picture of all the bug bite to prove it too.We were planning on staying June 30th till July 6th but I was so afraid to lay down in the second room they put us in we went home.I'm writing this report on July 9 2013.

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My family and I checked into this hotel on July 3 2012. The stay started off great until one morning my cousin woke up itching. The next night a different cousin was bit on her forehead and we found a bedbug crawling on her pillow,of course we complained about it but the man covering the front desk blew us off and was very rude. My family left in the middle of the night.

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