Super 8 Lancaster, SC
1201 Highway 9 Byp W
Lancaster, SC 29720-4711

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Check in on 29th Sep 15 woke up on the 30th Sep 15 and found bed bugs bite all over me. I was in room 109. I went to the front desk an spoke with the person behind the counter, and she said her manager will be here at 700am. I came back and spoke with her, she was brief about the problem, plus I had 2 bed bugs in a cup to show her. I was move into another room. I have send a email to Super 8 about the problem, and I'm waiting on a reply, I took pictures of the bite on my body so I can email them

to them. I spoke with her today and the have the room (109) block off and waiting on pest control. Only reason I'm still here is my mom is in the hospital.

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We had rm 128. Went in to go to sleep, felt something crawLing on me. Turned on the light and we were covered in bed bugs. We were astonished when complained, they acted as if it wasn't a big deal. The manager refused to come to our location because she was on a break. They gave us our money back, let us use washing machines but we didn't sleep much and had to drive 8 hours to get home. They had the audacity to ask if we smoked in that room when we wanted our nonsmoking security deposit back. It

is a horribly run down place. We thought Super 8 motels were devent. I promise we won't stay in another ever.

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31 Aug 2012 - Had two rooms, #115 and #113. I sprayed the rooms before we went to sleep on Friday night. Woke up Sat am to major bedbug bites. I had 30-40, my wife had 40-45. I have pics. Found 7-8small (deer tick size) bedbugs and three large (small black beetle size)in our beds. Took the bugs to the front desk. Manager closed rooms, offered another room. Decided to decline and move to Rock Hill hotel. Said he would call exterminator. I went to emergency room Sat evening, the hotel paid for

visit. My wife went to urgent care uponing returning to our home. These bites hurt and itch!!! I will not stay at this hotel again. This is the second time in 1 1/2 years we have stayed and been bitten severely by bed bugs. Only thing that kills them is heat. I am concerned that the problem is not being taken care of properly. Also concerned that other customers may not be aware of bites they receive and go home and bring them home with them. Sometimes bite do not come out until 2-6 days. My wife always breaks out slowly, but I breakout immediately. AFter this second episode, I have done alot of research. This website has good info.

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May 2011 - We had five rooms from Friday to Monday for our family members. One room, #127, had bed bugs. My husband was bitten on head, arms, legs. I checked the beds for signs of the bed bugs when we arrived, but didn't see any. Did not realize the room had them, until the morning we were leaving. Found one engorged bed bug on my pillow. Took it to front desk, they gave us one night free. My husband had been to the emergency room on Saturday, for what we thought was poison oak and hives. Turned

out the "hives" were really the bed bug bites. The lady at the desk was extremely upset for us and gave us an apology. They said it would never happen again. We have been staying at this hotel for many years to visit our family. Not sure I will be going back.

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We had 15 rooms booked for a family reunion and 2 of them had bed bugs. The hotel seemed to be aware of the situation

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