Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island
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My name is Vince Luckie. My wife and I stayed at the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island, SC Between 10-22-20 to 10-25-20 (3 nights).

During our stay I had 100 or more bed bug bites to my hands. I can send a photo that was taken on 10-26-20. There was a "delayed reaction" or time period, when the bites became visible and painful to my hands. That has been my personal experience with bites to my hands in the past.

I am a spinal cord injury patient that has significant neuropathy in my han

ds. This was somewhat a blessing because I'm numb to a portion of the feeling associated with the pain.

The reason I am submitting this in February, 2021, 4 months after our stay, is that I had been receiving more and more bites at night recently. I thought they might be spider or ant bites. As a matter of fact I was awakened 3 nights in a row this past week, i.e. Wed, Thurs, and Fri nights with welts on my arms and torso. I woke up yesterday morning with a bug holding onto the front of my white night shirt.

That began the search and research of what we were dealing with. In a matter of minutes the culprit was identified as a bed bug. My wife and I were horrified as to what we discovered next. There were visibly dozens, if not hundreds of bed bugs on, under and around our bed.

Now looking back on the photo of my hand from late October 2020 as well as how long it "normally" takes for a bed bug infestation to develop, it strongly pointed to our stay at the Sonesta Resort.

We spent $75 yesterday on "bed bug supplies" and worked from early morning to midnight washing bedding, clothes, blankets, etc. etc. in our bedroom. We vacuum over and over. We applied a foam spray which kills the bed bugs and eggs on instant contact (mostly under the bed), a powder to the mattress and baseboards, a liquid spray to the mattress and carpets and fogged the room. Not to mention the disgusting task of having to pick up and kill 100+ bed bugs by hand.

My wife and I are exhausted this morning and we know the battle will continue on. At this point we've invested $75 and 30 or so "people hours" on Day 1 of ridding our bedroom and home of these unwanted pests. Based upon what my wife and I have read, this will be a battle that we'll likely fight for weeks if not months ahead. At this time I can't even guess what the total cost of this will be to us.

Because of this unfortunate incident, when my wife and I travel in the future and stay in a hotel, condo, or home rental we'll invest the time to look on, under, around the bed and unit before accepting the reserved stay.

I do have to say, I do not have 100% certainty that it was the Sonesta Resort. I've had bites previous to this encounter, however, they were different looking and I had assumed it was spiders because we have had an issue with spiders in our home.

By the way, the staff at the Sonesta Resort was excellent, the service was great, the property was exceptional and the wedding we attended was very special. Everything went off without a hitch. Except for the bed bugs it was an excellent stay. Also, I traveled most of my career (25 years). I stayed in hotels, on average, multiple nights per week and NEVER had an issue with bringing bed bugs back to my home.

Inspect before you formerly check-in,

Vince Luckie
[email protected]

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