La Quinta Inn & Suites Greenville - Haywood Road
65 W Orchard Park Dr
Greenville, SC 29615-3538

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8/10/15 beds looked like they were not cleaned but thought maybe I was overreacting. When I was sleeping I felt itchy like there were crumbs in the bed. Upon checking out I saw a bed bug and the staff confirmed bed bugs in the room after a pest control tech inspected it. I got my money back however the management and corporate personal were rude in the process. I will never stay at any La Quinta!

I have found bedbugs on this hotel on July 19th, 2015, caught one and gave the it to the front desk lady hotel employee since the manager was not there. Apparently, she just throws it away and did not show it to the manager.

The manager call me today saying that they did not find any bedbugs in the room after a pest control inspection. I told him that I left the bug with his front desk personal.

I told him that somebody else had the same problem but he said that he can do anything because

according to the "pest control people" there is no bedbugs in there!

Please, do not take a chance and stay in this hotel!

Not even an apology I received from this manager!

I will call his supervisor!

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We stayed the night of 7/16/2015. The next morning my husband noticed itchy bites on his forearm. Later in the day I noticed some on myself. (We had slept in 2 double beds in the same room. 3 days later we have identified it as bedbug bites through Internet research.

July 19th, 2015.

After woke up this morning, we found a bedbug crawling on our bed. I caught him and I am taking to the Hotel manager and will requested a full room inspection.

For sure we got bitten at night and in the next days the marks we appear.

I found em under the bed eatin condoms!

the hotel was newly renovated December 2011, we have stayed there a many many times and it was always very clean and nice! So hopefully if there was ever any bed bugs they are gone with the renovations!

My family and I really enjoyed this hotel until our last stay when a bed bug showed up on our bed. We killed it, looked online to confirn what it was then took it to front desk. Maintenance man came by the room to search for infestation, didn't find any but still told us to check-out ASAP. Bed bugs can hide anywhere other then the edge of the mattress. I think this one was in the headboard. We were told the manager would call us the next day. When he did, he was either in denial or was blaming

us that we brought the bed bug. He didn't even offer to comp us for that night. We were very sad and angry with the whole experience. It runied our whole weekend because we then had to go home and wash/boil everything with hot water to make sure we did not bring it home with us. The hotel was nice for the price but beware of bed bugs and rude managers.

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