Fairfield Inn Greenville Airport
48 Fisherman Ln
Greenville, SC 29615-5013

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I checked-in mid-afternoon between business appointments. I arrived back at the hotel for the evening at 11:30pm and took my bag upstairs. Already cautious because of the reports on this website, I thoroughly checked the room. Fortunately, the mattress was free of bed bugs. Unfortunately, the box spring was NOT. It was very clear. I have a picture. What I'm not sure of is if the box spring currently had bed bugs or if it previously had bed bugs but hadn't be switched out or cleaned. Either way,

I immediately grabbed my bag, went downstairs, showed the clerk the picture and checked-out. Thankfully, he graciously refunded my money. Careful folks!

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Stayed at this hotel in July, 2011. Initially, I did not want to stay because of a negative report on bedbugregistry.com; however, my parents insisted the hotel was fine. After inspecting the room upon arrival, we stayed for one night with no incident. Would stay again.

Stayed at this hotel the week beginning 7/12/10 - room 409. Woke up on the wednesday 7/14/10 with a rash on my arm which got worst during the week. It was not until the following week did I find out it was bed bug bites by a dermotologist - confirmed by the breakfast-dinner and lunch bite pattern.

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