Sleep Inn Gaffney
834 Windslow Ave
Gaffney, SC

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We spent two nights at Sleep Inn, Room 208 on August 9 - 10, 2013 Both my husband and I were bitten all over and I am highly allergic to insect bites. It took me three doctors to finally stop the itch so I can sleep. I have had close to 50 bites. My husband was also bitten all over his back and legs. I am still having to treat the black marks on my legs and back. I spent a lot on doctor visits not including the over the counter medication plus prescribed medication. I treated as late as t

his month for these bites. Knowing that they have bugs, it is their responsibility to close the place and treat the infestation!

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My family and I spent one night at the Sleep Inn in Gaffney, S.C. and the next day my mother and I had bites all over our bodies. We immediately went to the doctor to get checked out and were told that we had indeed been bitten by bed bugs. The hotel denied us our refund and even after contacting their coroporate office were only sent an apology letter.

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