Howard Johnson
3821 Bancroft Rd
Florence, SC 99999

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On November 26, 2010 we stopped at this hotel on our way to Florida. We chose it due to it's location and price. When we checked in we were given room 216 and I proceeded to check for bedbugs while my family waited outside in the car. I have researched how to look for them with a flashlight in the mattress folds near the headboard, as this is the most common place to find them. On one of the beds there were 2 adults and their droppings as well as a maggot crawling in the fold. It looked lik

e a grain of rice. When we reported this to the desk we were told "No, there's no bedbugs here, but we'll give you a new room anyway". She continued to say that they get inspected for bugs every 2 weeks so that's why she knows they don't have any infestations. I inspected the new room very carefully and found none. I was annoyed that they disregarded my claims. I left that first room's pillows and sheets pulled form the headboard and when I went by that room the next morning, everything was put back to order and the beds were remade for the next unsuspecting victim.

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