Fairfield Inn
320 Columbiana Dr
Columbia, SC 29212-2252

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I stayed here for 2 nights, and right from the start it was awful. We took apart the beds and there was a LIVE bedbug on the mattress. We immediately took all of our things and went straight to the office to get out money refunded. I would not recommend this stay.

After a total miserable, less than clean, damp night at this Fairfield Inn, we woke up early and ready to get out of there. Alarmingly I found a bug crawling on my pillow when I woke up. I took the baggie people use for ice and caught it. Later, my daughter looked pictures of bed bugs up online, and it looked like an adult bed bug. So, I called an exterminator and took it to be officially identified. Sure enough! He said that it was almost an adult and that the hotel must have a pretty bad

infestation for it to be out in the morning. Now we're going through heck trying to clean the car, my pillows, my clothes... basically everything in the hopes that they won't infest our house. If they are indeed infested, why aren't they examining and cleaning their rooms regularly enough to prevent that? Where is your sense of responsibility Marriott??

Don't stay at the Fairfield Inn on Columbiana Drive in Columbia, SC unless you want to take some bed bugs home with you.

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