Sleep Inn Charleston
1524 Savannah Hwy
Charleston, SC 99999
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My boyfriend came to me as I was falling into a seriously needed sleep on the bed with a towel in his hand. It had a dead bug on it that I was sure was a bedbug. He took the towel downstairs but while he was out I checked under the bed seams. It was not a massive infestation at all, but I did see small signs of what I thought was bedbugs (tiny brown stains and carcass). When my boyfriend came back the hotel clerk told him it was a "pinch bug" and that they were all over Charleston. It sound

ed like foolishness to me but I was too tired to think and fell back to sleep for the night, but the next day when I arrived back home in NC I looked up bedbugs on the internet. What we saw was definitely a bedbug. My boyfriend and I haven't noticed any bites on us and I am refusing to worry about having carried any home, though I have thought about calling for our damn money back!! Just beware of staying at this hotel.

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I had bed bugs in July 2011. Stayed for about a week before seeing due to long work hours. Seems to be a persistent problem.

My wife and I attempted to stay at this Sleep Inn on Thursday, January 19, 2012 in Room 112. While relaxing on the bed a few hours after our arrival, my wife noticed a very small bug on the sheet which we immediately captured and gave to the desk clerk. We immediately checked out and found other accomodations. The manager confirmed it was a bed bug.

We stayed at this hotel on 10/18/10 and late evening while I was in bed I found one bedbug crawling on the sheets. It was dark brown, and it had six legs. I picked it up with a tissue and killed it. It was full of bright red blood.

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