Country Inn & Suites by Carlson Beaufort West
2450 Boundary St
Beaufort, SC 99999

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Traveled from Baltimore to South Carolina to see my nephew graduate from the Marine Corp. Arrived late on Tuesday 8/20/13 to the Hotel and discovered that the room a/c unit was not working. The said to give it some time, but then moved me to another room which was dirty and clearly unclean. I did not say anything at the time because it was late. The next day, I told the lady at the counter that I had to clean blood off of the bathroom floor. After returning to the hotel later that afternoo

n, I asked if my room had been cleaned today and she stated that the crew had already left. About midnight on Thursday 8/22/13, I noticed a bug on the bed near my daughters pillow. It got away from me, but i moved the mattress forward and found it. I immediately thought it looked like a bed bug, so I googled images on my phone and it was indeed a bed bug. I smooshed it and blood came out of it. I put the bug in a cup and took it down to the front desk. The clerk said that it was a beetle. I showed her the picture on my phone and compared it to the bug in the cup and she still denied it. I requested a new room but she said they were all full. I requested a refund for the night so i could go to another hotel, but she refused. She said they were having issues with the cleaning crew and doing the best they could. I wound up sleeping in my car that night with my 11 year old daughter. In addition, my daughter had bites on her stomach which I also showed to the clerk. She claimed to be a pharmacist and denied they were bites and and said it was a rash. I am furious that I had to sleep in my car, throw my suitcases away and treat all of my belongings before I could enter my home. All of this after a 10 hour drive. I have left numerous messages for the GM, Shiv Desai and he refuses to call me back.

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This room did not have any bed bugs whatsoever. The hotel is treated twice a month by licensed professionals for all insect and pesticide treatment. We have all reports which include the service of each and every room in the hotel. I would be more than happy to provide this documentation to further prove this hotel does not have any bed bugs.

We checked into room 321 on August 4, 2012. Hadn't been in the room but a couple of hours laying down watching TV. The bedbugs started coming out on our pillows. We turned on the lights quickly to see 5 bugs. We trapped 2 of them and took them down to the front desk and checked out immediately. The night attendant didn't seem the least bit surprised. We on the other hand, were shocked. Now I am just plain mad to find out they have had this problem for a year. Now I am not sure what to do to not

bring them into my own house.

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I checked in around 8:30 pm 9/9/11 and was given rm#325. I was awaken around 11:30 pm with a terrible itching sensation. Got out of bed, turned on the bedside light, and trapped a couple of the bugs in a plastic water bottle. They were definitely bed bugs. I immediately informed the night clerk and checked out having to rent a second hotel room for the same night.

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