Sleep Inn Aiken
1002 Monterey Dr
Aiken, SC 29803-2107

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While staying at this motel May 25 thru May 27 we awoke the morning of the 27 th to find bedbugs in my wife's bed. She had been bitten but no infection has occured from the bites. I killed 3 bugs and put them in a plastic sandwich bag. Which I still have! We left the motel immediately after reporting them to the manager.We took the necessary precautions and luckily did not have a home infestion. I called the company and was told had to treat the clothes we had with us. They (Michelle) said the b

est thing to do was throw away the luggage! Which we did. I was given a claim number but when I called to find out how to collect for the luggage, I was told that each Sleep Inn was independently own and the company was not liable! On my next trip to Aiken I will pursue the matter further!

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