Super 8W Greenwich Providence
101 Nooseneck Hill Rd
West Greenwich, RI 02817-1525

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Stayed June 12-16 2014. Woke up each morning with more and more bites on my face, arms, legs, and feet but didn't think it could be bed bugs because my husband had no bites at first. He must have had a longer reaction time because he started getting bites showing up on the last day, and for several days after we left. The manager was very belligerent and denied having a bed bug problem when we tried to inform him. My experience was excruciating and my dermatologist confirmed a bad case of bed bu

g bites.

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We stayed at this hotel from May 18-20 2013 and we woke up with several bed bugs bites on us.

Our group stayed here on 9/28/2012. One member woke up in the middle of the night and found bugs in his bed. He switched rooms, second one had bugs. Finally third room was ok but we left in the morning.

Severe bed bug bites erupted within week of departure in may 2012

We checked into the Super 8 in West Greenwich, CT not trusting stuff I check the mattress seams so when I did just this there was not only evidence of bedbugs there was also a three foot dried blood stain down the side of the mattress. We got a refund and left.

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