Ramada Inn
936 W Main Rd
Middletown, RI 02842-6315

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My boyfriend and I stayed one night in a King room. I woke up with five bites on my arm and 3 bites on my chest. I had never been bitten before so I did not know what bed bug bites looked like. I was not until we got home and I looked up the bites and was informed that indeed it was bed bugs. I was very upset and scared that I brought them home. I washed everything that we brought into that hotel room in extremely hot water and high heat in the dryer. I informed the hotel of our find

ings but was disregarded because it was after we had left the hotel.
Lesson learned, I will always check The BedBug Registry before I stay anywhere else.

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This is now a Quality Inn. My girlfriend was bit by a bed bug here on November 9. We notified the management but they are denying that they have bed bugs. The manager and janitor inspected the room...not an exterminator. They have refused to refund us for the the stay.

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