Best Western Ville Marie Montreal
3407 Peel Street
Montreal, QC H3A1W7

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Stayed at this hotel with my gf for 1 night 6 weeks ago. Upon check in I noticed an unusual sweet smell in the hotel that smelled like poor air freshener mixed with cleaning chemicals. Thought this was just the smell of a recently cleaned room. We were out in Montreal for the entire day until midnight and spent little time in the room, except to drop off luggage and sleep. Came back to the room at midnight, slept for the night, and returned home to Toronto the next day.

Upon arriving in T

oronto I first noticed that some money I had left in my locked glove box was missing.. the only person to have my keys other than me was the valets at this hotel (only place I parked in montreal).

A couple weeks later at home I noticed bites on my body and attributed them to a rash or allergy. They lingered for days and appeared to be getting bigger and more prolific , before I realized they could be bedbugs. Not having dealt with this problem, nor realizing it's severity, I waited until I had 50 plus bites to call in a reputable bed bug sniffing dog. Dog hit on my luggage and confirmed that my luggage and bed, as well as now another bedroom and living room are all positive.

This is the ONLY place other than my own that I have stayed in over a YEAR. There is NO question that this is where I brought the bugs home from.

AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! We stayed on one of the higher floors, but from the smell which I later learned is a sign of a MAJOR infestation, this building is INFESTED. Of course if you stay here, at least you have the option of sleeping in your car... That way you can avoid having your possessions stolen from you as well...

WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCE EVER. $600 for a dog to sniff my and my GF'S places. $2100 to heat treat my house later this week + hotel costs and stolen money = One of the worst headaches I've ever had to deal with...

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