Best Western Westgate Inn
1415 Kenneth Rd
York, PA

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I arrived for the evening and checked in. As soon as I got into the room I checked the first of the two queen beds. In the top corner I found what was two dried dark objects that were deep into the seams of the mattress. Positively not lint or linen. I immediately began to check the rest of the mattress and found nothing else. I then checked the other bed and found at the bottom of the bed several droppings deep into the seams and also the surface of the mattress. I compared these objects to pho

tos that were found online and these are positively signs of bed bugs. I took photos with my cell phone. I spoke to the front desk and informed them of what I had discovered and was told that I would be put into another room. I refused and stated I would not be staying there. The lady at the front desk came to the room and also took photos. I was given a receipt with her name and the reason I would not be staying and a guarantee that I would not be charged due to the bed bugs.

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