Comfort Inn Suites Brandywine
1310 Wilmington Pike
West Chester, PA

Found 2 reports:

My family and I stayed here on Friday may 17th and just a we got comfy into bed, we saw a bed bug. It was flat, round and reddish brown. The manager tried to pull the "we just renovated" and "just fumigated" trick but we left faster then he could say "refund"! It was disgusting! We headed over the the Embassy Suites which is where we should of stayed to begin with!

Travelers BEWARE! I stayed here in mid February for two for a work conference. Now, we have a bedbug infestation. Don't stay here! Go elsewhere! We now have a 1500 extermination bill, and 2-3 days of laundry, cleaning, etc! Gross and disgusting, general manager wouldn't accommodate a thing, total BS, stay away from West Chester Comfort Inn, don't let the new "renovations trick you, they are infested and you will be too if you choose to stay there!

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