Hampton Inn Uniontown
698 W Main St
Uniontown, PA

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Went to Uniontown,PA for business the week of September 22, 14. As usual, I booked my stay at Hampton Inn, even checked the reviews on Tripadvisor. Tuesday afternoon while at work I had some discomfort below my right shoulder blade, but I thought it might be a mosquito bite from the weekend. That night I laid a towel on the floor and did some sit ups and then pushups. Went to bed, and then the next morning before I jumped in the shower I noticed all the bites on my back and arms. I counted 27 bi

tes at that moment (kept multiplying throughout the day). I called the front desk, they sent two gentlemen to check. They pulled up the sheets on one of the corners (I had already done this) and didn't find anything, as a matter of fact the mattress had a cover on it. I later found out that was a "bedbug cover". When they pulled back the covers and the top sheet I noticed a bug and pointed it out to the gentlemen and they confirmed that it was indeed a bedbug. This hotel is not the typical Hampton Inn that I typically stay at. Seemed run down and dingy. Very disappointed in the Hilton Brand. I would NOT recommend this hotel to anyone.

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