The Chateau Resort at Camelback
300 Camelback Dr
Tannersville, PA

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I recently had a Groupon for this location. Walking in the hotel looked old. The hallway was dark and dirty. Looking on the beds, I found hairs, writing and uncleanliness. That's when I saw an adult bed bug. We immediately took our things and left

I stayed at this hotel on August 6th and 7th. Towards the end of the night on the 6th I started itching like crazy I thought it was mosquito bites so didn't think anything of it. I couldn't take the itching so I finally looked in the mirror and I have about 20 bites in total! I looked online and they are bed bug bites!!! This is very unsanitary, unprofessional, and just horrific. I know have these disgusting bites all over because of this hotel!!

Stayed with a school group from 2/19 - 2/20/15. At least three of the rooms (probably more) were infested.

I was at the Chateau for a work event and was staying in room 1106. While I was in bed, I felt something on my back. As I got up to search the bed, I found a bed bug crawling across the sheets. As I began to gather my things to leave, another one, much larger, crawled from under the mattress. Walking out the door, I saw another on the wall. I went to inform the front desk who tried to give me another room which I refused. I later found out that my coworker found bumps on his body, most lik

ely from bed bugs (he was staying in the room right next to me). I was told by the woman at the front desk that she would have someone come out to inspect the room to make sure they were actually bed bugs and then treat the room. I decided to call the Chateau the next day to make sure the room was being taken care of properly. The woman I talked to over the phone had no idea what I was talking about and sounded completely shocked when I explained there were bed bugs in my room. Needless to say that room probably wont be treated and more guests will be checked in to an infested room. I am disgusted.

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12/8/13 and 12/9/13

Came to Chateau with four coworkers for a function. Two were bitten, we saw three adult bugs in one of their rooms. This place is a hell hole.

Had my Wedding here, and besides the horrible management, several of my guest and family were loaded with bed bugs some had to leave in the middle of the night. Fleas were also in several guest luggage when they got home.

October 1,2011
Rooms were dirty. Lamp shades had 4 inches of dust on them. The room was so hot and everyone I spoke to said that the air was not working. My friends were in different rooms and had to check out at 2:00AM because 3 of the rooms that they stayed in had BED BUGS. Other friends had rooms that had bug traps in the rooms. So gross. The food was not good at all. Service was very slow. I would not stay in this Hotel if it was for free.

Wedding was held here on October 1,2011. Our guests had 2 rooms they had. To leave at 2 am both of their rooms had bedbugs. They were getting bit all over. The best man 's room had bedbugs in the sofa bed. The girl that slept there has red welts all over her body. No refunds all they said was sorry. Another man at a convention there had bedbugs also. We were told it was fleas . That isn't true fleas jump around all over these things were only in the beds

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